Work is Beautiful

The Problem:
Work is believed to cause over 120,000 North American deaths a year (Stanford study). It’s clear, we have a problem. Work is making people stressed, sick and sad.

Three major issues shape people’s relationship with work: the fight to find a job, the fight to fully engage in that job, and the fight to stay relevant in that job. All three nudge us down a path where we lose ourselves to our paid pursuits.

There’s a way out of this, though. It just takes a few small steps.





The Solution:
​The problems of work can be overcome, one person at a time. ​It requires a single solution: to fall back in love with work. Join Tyler Waye to discover how to breathe clarity, purpose and your highest potential into your work.

Be a part of the movement. Uplift your life. Uplift someone else’s.

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