Once again, I had the honour of traveling with Chris Koch. He continues to open my mind and push my perspective. His message is “If I Can” and the more time I spend with him, the more I understand his deeper mindset. This video offers a glimpse.

Southern Italy: WATW Ep.2

This video covers a work lesson we should all let sink in. What would change if your motivation was to do better rather than more? One of the big concepts that emerged in southern Italy was the notion of putting boundaries around our work. It was a refreshing perspective.


Forks in the road that bend your path one way as opposed to the other often start early and without our awareness. This video is to help bring this conversation and concept to light.

Maxed Out: Leading Under Pressure

My sense is that all of us can see a part of our life in this video. Whether or not pressure and anxiety are everyday factors in your life, there are moments when they catch up to all of us. I’m in one of those moments right now… trying to follow my own advice, to keep my head up.


This video is not about politics, it’s about courage. As of late, I’ve found myself inspired by personal moments, as well as recent events around the world. That inspiration came together in this tribute to those who show us incredible courage.

Work Around The World – Trailer

I’m excited to share this next video. It’s an action-packed glimpse into the start of this adventure, which
is one of the journeys of a lifetime: Working Around the World.

Connection: Work Around The World – French Alps

Excited to release the first Work Around the World episode: French Alps. It was filmed over my three weeks in France and is the first segment in a series of these. The driving question behind it all: what creates deeply satisfying work?

These insights are designed to open our blinders about work. What do we discover outside of our norms? What do we learn about the human relationship with work when we ask the same question all over the globe? Join me in this journey to find out.

Leadership: Dream. Believe. Plan.

I love the concept of leadership. Not the overused word that becomes easy marketing in courses, schools and conferences, but the powerful notion that allows us to transform the future. For me, when this word turned from an idea to an actionable philosophy I could apply at big (and small) moments in my life, I was immediately empowered. This video is to offer a glimpse into my thinking on this topic. Of course, there is more to explore, but at the same time, this is leadership in a nut-shell. It’s not a bigger or smaller concept than what it is: the ability to intentionally craft your tomorrow. A beautiful thing!

Resilience: You and A Mirror. Personal Motivation.

This week’s release is another personal motivation video. I hadn’t planned to release it now, but it was created for a special person in my life and now’s the time. They’ve taught me a lot about resilience and I hope this stands as a reminder.

I’m guessing we can all see a part of ourselves in this video. Because we’ve all hit that moment when it feels like the challenges keep piling on and the only way through is to keep going. I don’t pretend to be an expert in this field. However, I know the important link between resilience and leadership, and as a result, can appreciate why this is relevant to many of you. If you enjoy, I’d greatly appreciate if you could share it and click like. Those little things help as I try to grow this work.

Defining Your Future Success

In my exploration of work around the world, I see a trend of three major challenges that we face when approaching work. Here’s my insight: