Go Where The Fear Is

This video was inspired by a great friend, Shayne Cowan-Cholette’s university valedictorian speech. He just happened to be a captain of their football team as well (yeah, he’s one of those all-star friends).

His message was: go where the fear is. I think there’s a message for all of us in this one. I hope you enjoy.

Vision 2020

Excited about this one! It’s a glimpse into our next steps with YoungLeaders.World… and the invitation may be a better fit for someone you know.

In spring of 2020, YoungLeaders.World (the not-for-profit we founded in 2015) is holding a global leadership summit in Edmonton for students in grade 9 – 12. This video is a glimpse into the summit and the opportunity.

For those interested to learn more please sign up at rebrand.ly/YLW2020

Mindset Reset

I felt these simple ideas (that we often drift from) needed a reminder… for myself included.

The question today is: what do you after you’ve made a decision that feels wrong? Because… we’re going to get lots of things wrong. This video explore core principles of life leadership. Enjoy.

Working Around The World – Mexico

I had so much fun filming this one… and we’d tried a slightly different style for this episode. Part of this Working Around the World project is uncovering new, first-hand insights into work across the globe. The other part is learning how to host and film a docu-series. One has come easier than the other (you can guess).

The lesson in this episode shook me. Not because it was the first time I’ve run into it… but it may have been the first time I’ve had such a unique opportunity to understand the full story. I’ll say no more.


Blind Spot

This video explains my major career shift, it’s the story behind it all. And touches on a sensitive topic for me (and all of us). I’m curious to hear your experience from when you confronted your blind spot.

Shake The World

This release is by Carla Cuglietta, and offers insight from recent history’s greatest leaders and moments. It’s a really powerful video.

This will give you a sense for Carla’s life’s work… learning from change-makers, and then, helping people, help people.

For those interested to learn more about Carla’s amazing work, you may want to check out her website: CarlaCuglietta.com


I often say the greatest lesson rich people have taught us, is that when they are rich, they still work? Why? Because they understand their work is their platform. It’s their legacy. It’s their way to uniquely impact the world.

This is an important lesson from the legends. That we can still push ourselves when it’s no longer needed. Perhaps this mindset is what allowed them to become a legend in the first place.

In my mission to help people fall back in love with their life’s work, part of the goal is drawing attention to the parts of work you control. This video covers an important one… setting the height of your own bar. Setting your own standards. Then, believing those standards are now a necessity.

WATW Ep.4: South Korea

I’ve been excited to go to South Korea for a long time. First, I love the food (for those who haven’t tried it, you will too). Second, the country has had this amazing story forming around work. Rocket ship economic growth… but it hasn’t been without it’s growing pains.

The major lesson that emerged from my time Working Around the World in South Korea, was pressure. What happens when you can do more? You’re talented enough – the opportunity is there – but by taking hold of it, your life starts being overtaken by pressure.

My hope is this lesson sheds light on the topic. Also, offers you more context for what work is like all around the world. Enjoy!

Bad Boss

The majority of employees say they work for a bad boss. How many bosses think it’s them? Exactly.

People are trying their best. Of course, improvements need to be made… and there is nowhere any of us should look first, other than in the mirror. However, we do need to share this message, that leader’s have the permission to put people first.

Make It Happen

I figured this was the perfect video to kick off 2019. It’s not about making your goals… it’s about reaching them.

My mission this year has been two-fold. 1) Uncover the core ingredients of fulfilling work. 2) Help people get motivated and empowered to make change happen.

One of the key roadblocks, however, is that few people reach the goals they create. So, how can we improve on that? This video is a starting place. HINT: It’s not about the external results, but the inner (and immediate) shifts.