Bad Boss

The majority of employees say they work for a bad boss. How many bosses think it’s them? Exactly.

People are trying their best. Of course, improvements need to be made… and there is nowhere any of us should look first, other than in the mirror. However, we do need to share this message, that leader’s have the permission to put people first.

Make It Happen

I figured this was the perfect video to kick off 2019. It’s not about making your goals… it’s about reaching them.

My mission this year has been two-fold. 1) Uncover the core ingredients of fulfilling work. 2) Help people get motivated and empowered to make change happen.

One of the key roadblocks, however, is that few people reach the goals they create. So, how can we improve on that? This video is a starting place. HINT: It’s not about the external results, but the inner (and immediate) shifts.

Who Am I?

This week’s video is in preparation for a series of videos I’ll have coming out in 2019. Before those come out though, it’s important to explore one of the most fundamental questions we all face: Who am I?

Focus and Finish

As I mention in the video, ‘there are times for complicated answers, and there are also times for very simple ones.’ I get that this video is the latter… but sometimes that’s what we need, a reminder to get those important things finished.

Hard Work

Often it comes down to this, doesn’t it? The need to simply work hard. For a long time, I didn’t understand this lesson. I mean, why would I work hard if I could find an easier path? Why not take the shortcut?

What I hadn’t realized is that there are times when an easier path does not exist. So, I’d better have a different skill set in my back pocket… the ability to flat our work.


This video is on one of my favourite topics: learning. In particular, what it takes to go from ‘knowing better’ to ‘doing better,’ because the latter often requires a different type of focus. A focus that is overwhelmed by our limited perspective on this topic (trust me, I do it too).


I’ve been recently inspired by incredible teamwork, when people come together, giving up on individual needs to contribute as a group. I’m sure we’ve all felt that inspiration at times, being part of something much bigger than one.