Leadership: Dream. Believe. Plan.

I love the concept of leadership. Not the overused word that becomes easy marketing in courses, schools and conferences, but the powerful notion that allows us to transform the future. For me, when this word turned from an idea to an actionable philosophy I could apply at big (and small) moments in my life, I was immediately empowered. This video is to offer a glimpse into my thinking on this topic. Of course, there is more to explore, but at the same time, this is leadership in a nut-shell. It’s not a bigger or smaller concept than what it is: the ability to intentionally craft your tomorrow. A beautiful thing!

Resilience: You and A Mirror. Personal Motivation.

This week’s release is another personal motivation video. I hadn’t planned to release it now, but it was created for a special person in my life and now’s the time. They’ve taught me a lot about resilience and I hope this stands as a reminder.

I’m guessing we can all see a part of ourselves in this video. Because we’ve all hit that moment when it feels like the challenges keep piling on and the only way through is to keep going. I don’t pretend to be an expert in this field. However, I know the important link between resilience and leadership, and as a result, can appreciate why this is relevant to many of you. If you enjoy, I’d greatly appreciate if you could share it and click like. Those little things help as I try to grow this work.

Defining Your Future Success

In my exploration of work around the world, I see a trend of three major challenges that we face when approaching work. Here’s my insight:

Don’t Overcome Shyness, Use It.

Something I share during my keynote speeches is that I grew up quite shy, and still am. I wanted to shift gears with this video and dive a bit into how I use shyness, because, at my core, I am shy.

What’s Next?

We will all ask the question: what’s next?

I created this video to create thought around that question. Consider that we all find our path eventually and that sometimes, we just need to ask ourselves questions that aren’t so limited. Enjoy! And if you do, please subscribe!

Three Letters Between Success and Stuck

This video is part of a new series: Leader Lesson. Think of these candid videos as small, digestible thoughts to help you open and push your thinking. This week’s video is focused one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in the past few years. Without giving it away, it essentially came down to three letters… and the recognition I needed to get out of my own way. Enjoy… and if you do, please share.

Instead of Quitting Your Job, Press Play

This video is not to push you out of your job, or to keep you in it. Instead, it’s about helping you develop a key mindset. That it’s important to further develop your autonomy and value at work. It’s ultimately beneficial to your career… as well as your organization.

I created this video in response to many people who’d been coming to me about work frustrations. They felt quitting was their only option. This advice is offered in response.

Remember to declare your life’s work, then to find the alignment with your job.
I hope you enjoy! And if you do, please share and comment.

Developing New Behaviors

Tyler Waye on how to transition from traditional learning to applying what you learn to progress your career.

Tyler Waye is President of IN.FORM and can be found at informseries.com, on Youtube here, and of course here at TylerWaye.com

Shaping a Career: A Journey w/ Christy Benoit

As one of the great minds behind Edmonton’s Mosaic Centre, Christy Benoit has built her career through hard work and determination. I had the pleasure of meeting with her for this inspiring interview.

Tyler Waye can be found at InformSeries.com, on his Youtube channel, and of course here, at TylerWaye.com